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Monk: Season 2 Episode 15

Mr. Monk Gets Married

After a phone call from Lt. Disher, Monk and Sharona find him in Captain Stottlemeyer’s office, drinking Scotch to console himself because his 58-year-old mother has married a 37-year-old antique dealer he’s sure is up to no good. The con man, Dalton Padron, has taken his aging bride to a marriage counseling clinic for their honeymoon, and Sharona persuades Monk that the best way to catch him is to pose as husband and wife and join him at the clinic. In a group therapy session, Sharona accuses Padron of winking at her and, in the scuffle that follows, snatches an old letter from his jacket pocket. The letter confirms their suspicions: Padron is after the gold that was stashed away 150 years earlier by the crazy old prospector who once owned the house. Padron later grabs the letter and burns it, but not before Monk and Sharona discover that the secret is somewhere in the hundreds of journals that the old man wrote before he died. Early the next morning, Sharona follows Padron into an ol

Monk: Season 2 Episode 15
Feb. 27, 2004

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